About Us

Desiccant Air Dryer Manufacturer

We design, engineer and manufacture reliable industrial desiccant air dryers for point of use applications and provide compressed air filtration solutions for your application's compressed air needs.

We are experts in compressed air drying

Super-Dry air dryers specializes in the design and manufacture of cost-effective, heavy duty purification, separation, dehydration, and filtration equipment for compressed air. Super- Dry's main product segments are: point of use air dryer for the manufacturing industry, air tool air dryers protection for contractors and diesel mobile compressor. Founded in 1992, Super-Dry has over 25 years of experience in adsorption technology, the foundation of all of our products. So far, Super-Dry has supplied more than 10,000 desiccant air dryers to more than 8,000 customers worldwide.

Our Mission

To help contractors and manufacturing industry to reduce production downtime and increase the life expectancy of the air tool and equipment by providing a solution that will remove water and condensation from their compressor air lines.


We value our customers' time therefore offering them a flawless buying experience through our online platforms.  We pride ourselves in having a large inventory ready for next day delivery.


The entire D Series is manufactured in state-of-the-art Foundry in Canada. We use manufacturing best practices to ensure that our products are in perfect condition before being shipped to our customers.  Our Foundry has the highest quality standards and is Certified ISO 9001-2015.