Collection: Automatic Timer Drain - Condensate Drain

The TD Series Automatic Timer Drain is designed to provide a solution for the automatic draining of filters, separators, receivers, drip legs and other compressed air system components where condensate and contaminants collect.  The timer drain will control condensate drainage at any interval between the adjustable time cycles from 0.5 to 45 minutes and the draining time can be set between 0.5 to 10 seconds on most models. The water is filtered at the strainer/ball-valve and any large particles are captured by an internal stainless-steel mesh filter. The electronic timed drain offers reliability and prevents condensate accumulation in a compressed air system. A superior alternative to Jorc EAD, Topring Maxdrain, Devilbiss Camair 13051, Van Air EDV and the Tsunami Moisture Minder.